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Handwriting and signatures may change with time and if reasonable volumes of comparison documentation over a period of time from the same individual can be obtained, the quality of writing or writing style may be identifiable to a particular time period. The relative dating of documents or entries on documents can also be undertaken utilising such techniques as ESDA or by examination of offset ink transfers caused by writing a document resting on top of a "wet" transferable ink.

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Home Dating of Documents. Dating of Documents Comparative analysis of a particular document against other documents from the same source and the same period may be of assistance in determining the relative date of documents or may identify a particular time frame in which a particular organisation used a particular paper type, printer, fax machine etc.

What We Offer We offer a free of charge: Wood became a popular choice due to the scarcity of rags and because wood pulp paper was cheaper to manufacture. The first successfully made American wood pulp paper was manufactured in Buffalo, New York, in By , a large percentage of the total paper produced in the U. Most of the newspapers printed in the U.

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In , the sulfite wood pulp process, that is still in use today, was developed on a commercial scale and most of the high acid content paper was used thereafter in newspapers, magazines and books. Counterintuitively, modern paper, especially in books, letters and newspapers, is much more likely to turn brown and brittle than paper from before the American Civil War. For the beginning collector, the paper on an early s print can be surprisingly fresh and white. The following is a brief chronology of paper history. Paper has been traced to about.

It reached Central Asia by and Baghdad by , and by the 14th century there were paper mills in several parts of Europe. Paper making invented in China. Invention of true ink in China. Papermaking introduced to Japan from China. The earliest instance of text printing upon paper, in China. Earliest printed book, the Diamond Sutra, in China.

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First use of paper in Egypt. First use of paper in Germany. Watermarks first used in Europe.

Earliest use of paper money in Japan. First use of rice straw in Chinese paper. First newspaper with regular dates Germany. First English newspaper introduced. Cloth backed papers introduced. Used for maps, charts, etc.

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First forgery of bank notes. First Bible printed in American using American paper. Practical paper making machines developed. First machine for pasting sheets of paper together is introduced. Cardboard is first formed. This paper is usually coated with China clay, which makes it white and smooth, sometimes glossy.

It is most often used in art and illustrated books. First commercial paper boxes made in America. Paper made from chemical wood pulp patented. Tracing paper introduced commercially.

Dating of Documents

Roll toilet paper introduced. First instance in U. Replaced many wooden boxes. Bread and fruit wrapped in printed paper. Some common fine art paper terms. A paper with slight surface texture made by pressing the finished paper between cold cylinders. In between rough and hot pressed papers. A physically raised or depressed design in the paper. A super smooth, semi-transparent paper that is often used to make the envelopes that hold stamps. Paper made by hand in individual sheets.


A paper surface that is smooth. Made by pressing a finished paper sheet through hot cylinders. An ancient form of paper made out of animal skin. It is smooth and semi-translucent. A smooth surface made by a calendar machine. Made from non-wood fibers, including rags, cotton linters, cotton or linen pulp. A slight surface texture. A slightly rough surface and is semi-translucent. Some drafting paper is called vellum. Black and white paper print for proofing or display.

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Dating paper documents

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