C-14 dating walkthrough

Everything you need to know to unlock all the endings! I followed all the instructions in the guide to get Shoji's dance scene but he's still rejected me and stayed in the tent.

[Full Game Review] English Otome-C14 Dating

Am I doing something wrong? I have tried all possibilities. I haven't been able to unlock Kyler's dancing scene. I've unlocked every other one except this one.

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He never seems to come back and ask to dance. It says image success not found and image fail not found, why aren't the images appearing? I choose to play without minigames but I still think I should get the images so I don't know why it doesn't show the images when I'm doing the weekly actions.

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The cave mini game is like a logic or Sudoku puzzle, and the lab mini game is similar to blackjack. Bless the developers for allowing you the option to turn off the mini games. You can start the game with the mini games off, or if you choose to play with them on, you can later decide to skip them individually. I really liked the cave mini game, but after about 10 and they get bigger than the above example , I was done. If you choose to play without the mini games, you will still be able to pursue a romance! The main object of the mini games are stats boosts and helpful journal entries about archaeology.

Scenes are triggered by a variety of things, including your choice of activities, your stats, your choices, and even randomly.

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Some scenes will have a lot of variations depending on your choices. There are four main love interests and one bonus interest.

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Each love interest has a romance end and a friendship end each with unique CGs. For a full guide, check out the official walkthrough by the writer. Melissa is a cheerful and positive. Like most people, she has her moments of self doubt, but she recovers quickly.

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She is type 1 diabetic. Kyler is an anti-social archaeology student who works beside Melissa. He wears a cochlear implant. Deandre is taking the class as an elective, but his true passion is sports. Shy and meek Shoji has a hard time speaking up. He has a great sense of humor, and is a good teacher. He has a prosthetic hand. Joan is the bonus route, hence her route being shorter than the first four.

C14 Dating is really cute. The romance happens mostly toward the end, so the focus of the game is really about forming bonds, whether friendship or romance. I hesitate to compare it to another game, but it reminded me of Winter in Fairbrook not just because of the art.

The MC goes somewhere new to work, meets a group of interesting people, possibly falls in love, and returns home. If ending in romance, both games end with long distance relationships.

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  • C14 Dating is an otome dating sim that combines archaeology, friendships and love?

However, compared to Winter in Fairbrook, C14 Dating is longer and more involved. The thing that makes this game really stand out is the representation for disabled people.

Review: C14 Dating - OtomeSweetheart

As mentioned above, two of the characters live with disabilities, three if you include Melissa. One of the characters is ace, and the bonus route is a female love interest. The diversity of characters is what drew me to the game. Going in, I was really excited to see how all these things would be addressed. But we also see that Melissa has priorities that she has to remember in order to stay healthy.

c-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough
c-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough
c-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough
c-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough
c-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough

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