Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8

I love that each one of them feels fleshed out, and have some purpose inside of the story.

And I adore the OST. In a lot of places I've read that some viewers don't like the age difference between our leads, but I don't mind. I like them together. In fact one of the things I like the most is that their chemistry have been building up slowly and right now, it's sizzling. Also, I love the fact that they are attracted to each other and have been falling for each other at the same time.

Even if they rather be killed that admit so. So, after that awesome ending, let the juicy stuff begin! God knows Byung Hoon needs someone to lit a fire up his ass and provoke him to act. I love that Master is stepping up, too. He's such an enigmatic character. I wonder if Min Young will be fully aware that Byung Hoon is pulling her strings, or if they'll keep it hushed up.

I also love the sweet romance between Moo Jin and Hye Ri. They are so adorable, but it's also been a simple and straightforward storyline that doesn't really need much more to it. Except I'm really worried about that guy who's been flirting with her at the restaurant. I thought he was a cute background character, but now he's suddenly super-creepy. Wow, now that we've finally gotten to the central conflict I don't know what to think, because I like Seung-pyo and Byung-hoon equally.

I don't want either of them to get hurt, but I also want both of them to be happy. But someone's gonna get hurt, and it's probably gonna be Seung-pyo. I really felt for him when he confessed and Min-young let him down.

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I feel so bad for him. I want him to be happy too! I love that Arang is playing matchmaker on his own, unbeknownst to the rest of the gang. I actually like that it took this long to get to the premise. I just hope it doesn't become all makjangie. Still don't trust seung pyo but I feel hurt for him.

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Love triangles always hurt me too. On a side note, I think it would have been also a pretty cool plot had her entrence into cyrano been Master's plan all along as in, Master became a client right before she joined that would have been really interesting. Is it me or the new client with the nurse and firefighter situation not as interesting as the previous ones? Personally for me, the Kwangsoo case was the best one for me, not even being biased maybe lol. The new mini storyline with the nurse isn't grabbing my attention at all and I don't know if the writers are also on the same page so they decided to throw in Master's jump start confession storyline to amp it up.

You know things got real when inception happens in Cyrano. There are a couple of reasons why: I think it was a concerted effort of the PD and writer to put the client-target romance on the backburner to highlight the growing romances of the CDA people MuJin, Byunghoon-MinYoung , and I think that's always been the plan going in. I just wish it hadn't been as abruptly done, but I'm still happy since I was invested more in the CDA people than the clients anyway.

Completely agree as to why this week's couple isn't as interesting. I think it's time for Cyrano to breathe and let all its characters develop. But that doesn't mean there's no client for the week. That i appreciate as well. Alot of times the missions just give us more insight into our characters as well as their growth.

Definitely agree that the nurse-firefighter storyline isn't as exciting as the other clients. However, I do see the intention behind it all. I think this client is quite pivotal, being the last ever client of the drama said on news articles. It also provides us with a backbone to Moojin's story and whatnot.

The PD's idea is not to make the client the main characters anymore, but have them there to provide a reason to bring the agency members' storyline together. As for my favourite client, I think Jung Yoomi wins it for me. Her character's appearance is only an episode long, but has the biggest impact out of the rest of the cameos.

Because for her, its not merely a matter of getting together with the person she likes, but she's at war with herself, her insecurities. So getting over that wall was really heartwarming to see.

Plus, it shows Minyoung's strengths as a team member of Cyrano as well: Oh is it the last client? Well it gives me a new prospect and hope for it a bit I guess.

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Also makes me a bit sentimental even if I wasn't too invested in the clients. I was wondering if they were really going to go all out and have a client every week even with the storyline of the agency members. But I'm not complaining that their putting the focus on the agency. But I'm not complaining that their putting the focus on the agency now. I thought it was Something Flutters by Ra. D but it has a different tune. I just knew that eventually Seung Pyo would come in and hire Cyrano.

I've been waiting just knowing it was going to be awesomely juicy and bring a level of fun conflict not the uber-angsty kind, please! I think the Arang situation was a bit of foreshadowing for this, except this time Byung Hoon is going to pursue the girl over the client. I admit to preferring Seung Pyo at this point, but I think regardless of the outcome, it's still going to be fun to watch the king of hesitation and denial get booted into actually doing something I can literally feel their chemistry sizzling from the screen so I'm dying till the moment they realise too!

But poor master, Min Young literally friend-zones him all the time. I was going to support Chunderella as well because proactive second leads are awesome but that look on his face when he asked BH if he could hire Cyrano to make MY like him kinda scared me.

I don't know if I was reading way too much into it, but it looked like the facial expression of someone who wanted to have control over something he was denied. You know what I mean? What I liked the most on this episode is, as usual, the amazing chemistry between Min Young and Byung Hoon.

It has been such a long time that I felt this way.

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He is hot for his age but it is the kind of pair that you don't picture in your mind in the first place. So I'm really glad that both of them are doing a great job to work this chemistry. I laughed, giggled so hard when BH and MY looked to each other because you could feel the awkwardness and it was sooo cute but what killed me is the sex sounds after the Nine's pictures I laughed because I swear I didn't hear something so explicit about sex on any korean dramas except I Need Romance but there weren't loud sex sounds if I reckon but whatever.

If I was her, I couldn't stand to be someone knowing how to use knives so well and who tried to put the nice card all the time but that's just me. I do agree that these two episodes were really amazing and more interesting than the other episodes where we focused a little bit more on cases. I'm certainly hooked at max even though it is such a shame that the drama will end at 16 episodes. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the hawai shirt guy creeping the hell out of me when he grinned seeing Hyeri all alone in the restaurant.

He doesn't talk much and doesn't have much screentime but boys, he is sooo creepy. It reminds me of Master's restaurant not having a lot of customers. We just have the two minions, that guy and sometimes Cyrano Team but that's all --' It's like he created his restaurant just to be next to the Agency to spy on them all the time.

I live third party case because it allows us to have another insight on love and because even without the Agency, older people tend to do that a lot XD. It is not the young and desperate romance but there is something cute about that woman trying to get some loves from him.

dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8
dating agency cyrano recap ep 8 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 8

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