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The entire interface is somewhat bland and is missing the bells-and-whistles that drive alternative sites. If you like absolute basic and featureless interaction, this website could be perfect for you. The PlentyOfFish website has an area where you can quickly view a person's image and basic biographical information. In this "Meet Me" area, you can quickly scan across available people by answering whether you want to meet that person or not. If you click the "No" button, another profile appears.

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It's a great way to sift through many people in a single sitting. If you want to interact with others immediately, you could vastly increase your chances by clicking on the "online" link on the top of the page. This will show you everyone who is online within your area at that point in time. You can send them a "quick message" in order to get their attention sooner than by simply sending a traditional message. Virtually any device that has Internet access is able to access the website.

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Mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available. While the free aspect to online dating can attract many, the entire experience seems less than what it is with alternative services.

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Others seem to have more effort put into the visual aspect of the interface. Other applications seem to have more integrated into the system when it comes to comparing your question results with those on the system.

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After perusing some of the online users, it doesn't look like there is much of a matching technique, but more of a showing of who is available and looking for your basic requirements. Other sites give the sense that there is more of a matching aspect involved over just simply showing you who needs a date. PlentyOfFish is a free online dating service, but a subscription account will unlock more functionality including using the website advertisement free. The only real saving grace for PlentyOfFish.

The interface is easy to manage, but lacks some of the aesthetic appeal that many other alternative dating services provide. Being able to interact with currently online individuals in your area is a nice touch, although many of the other sites do this as well. As mentioned earlier, the system really doesn't feel like it's doing much to actually match you with those within the system. Other services will display a compatibility score of some kind, but PlentyOfFish. The application allows you to contact people within an area of 5 to km.

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Your exact location is unknown to other users and also to Blind Me. As soon as you receive a Flash, a reciprocity or a new message, you will receive a push notification to not miss an opportunity. By clicking on a notification, you can directly access a profile or a message. Sign out from Facebook, the latter should authorise cookies, then try to sign in again. If the problem persists, please try again later, this is usually temporary.

If not, to ensure the quality and rapidity of dealing with your demand, please contact us via the contact form. On the latter, please indicate your email, and select a reason for the problem. Then try and restart the application.


If the problem persists, restart your phone. One of my reciprocity has disappeared or a message has not appeared even though I have received a notification.

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To be sure, please restart your application and check again. I you cannot access the purchase of credits, we invite you to restart your application and start again. This problem is usually temporary. Please ensure that your banking details, entered in your account settings on iTunes or Google Play, are correct.

Please ensure that the transaction has been carried out. Your demand will be dealt with as soon as possible by our teams. How does it work? When you are interested in a profile, after reading the description or listening the voice, you can: Send a Hi without them knowing, unless it is reciprocal free 2. Send a Flash notification to let them know you are interested 1 credit for men and free for women If you are both interested, you can begin a conversation which will allow you to reveal the photos the more you talk the more the photos are revealed.

Is an internet connection necessary for the app to work? Can I sign into Blind Me if I'm under 18? Will the application publish on my Facebook? No, Blind Me will never publish on Facebook. What information does Blind me use to create my profile? To create your profile, Blind Me uses your name, gender and date of birth.

Please ensure that your Facebook information are correct even if you can change them later on. What happens if I deactivate my Facebook account? You will have to re-create an account with your email. How can I disconnect? By logging out, you won't receive notifications for a Flash, a reciprocity or a new message. How to I deactivate or delete my account?

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  4. What will happen if I delete the Blind Me application? Who can see my profile?

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    Only members whose preferences age, gender, area correspond to yours, can see your profile. Do not forget that a person interested, will not hesitate to send you a Flash. The profiles on my home page do not correspond to my preferences. Actions How to interacted with the profiles? You cannot cancel a Hi or a Flash. A profile on my home page does not interest me. What happens if I block someone? How do I report someone?

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    Credits What are the credits for? How do I buy credits? Does Bind me have any banking information? How to I change my payment details?

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