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I was hesitant to go being it was on such short notice, so I asked a friend for her opinion. She said she thought it would be okay but suggested requesting we have a phone call first, which he was happy to accommodate.

After only a few minutes, under five to be exact, I determined that he sounded normal whatever that means and agreed to meet him. Lucky for me, he turned out to be normal. However, I neglected to tell my friend another single mom who had given me the thumbs up for the last minute date that all was well. In this case, the guy turned out to be harmless. While all these reasons make sense, I still find a phone call saves me time, effort, and money traveling to meet someone in person I already know I have no interest in dating.

During that initial call, I can determine a lot, including whether their family and living situation is right for me and, in a most basic sense, whether I enjoy speaking with them and want to get to know them better.

Dating Advice for the Newly Single Man

A little more than five minutes is probably your best bet wink, wink. Of course, people can say anything they want during a call, much of which you have no way of verifying, especially their state of mind. If you have friends in common, revealing what part of town you live in is probably okay. The point is to be aware of the information you are giving out and to whom. Had I followed this rule on the date I described above, I could have avoided the bartender telling me in front of the guy I was with that I had a phone call, making me feel like Norm from Cheers.

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All kidding aside, staying in touch is a rule that could potentially save your life. Thanks but no thanks.

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A date is about getting to know someone better. Also, not everyone deals well with rejection.

22 things you’ll go through when you’re newly single

I was thankful I had followed rules two, three, four, and five above, and regretted not following number one. But, then again, neither would have this list. Stacey Freeman is a writer and blogger from the New York City area, a divorced single mom, lifestyle editor at Worthy. Schedule a time to talk.

Email us at welcome wevorce. Here are some unique tips for the newly single. Take an Expectation Vacation.

7 Perks Of Being Newly Single

Men are three times more likely to find a woman of interest the first time out than women are to find a man. Rather than seeking a soul mate the first time out, women should be open to just meeting interesting new people.

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Snap the Confidence Gap. Mature single women are more confident and discerning than men when first "interviewing" a prospective date.

Men should be aware of coming across as either under- or over-confident. Over singles prefer a personal approach, not texting and social media in a group setting. Men who initiate a first date via text feel shut down when women don't respond, while women feel a text shows no real effort from the man. Break the Laws of Attraction. Though mature daters still want to look good, physical appearance is less the top priority.

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newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips
newly single dating tips Newly single dating tips

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