Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners

Asked a few questions about the game and the gameplay. The people was nice to me and all was fine. My second game 3 persons of our team left in mid game.

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So we played 2v5 and we won. The problem here is not the new players , but the "pro" players. Because they can't lose 2 mins to teach the new players. Bots seem fine for newbies. It is where they should start anyway. Playing with Bots is completely useless. Sure, my allies told me to leave and called me bad, but I got also tips how to improve, and nobody said i was stupid, retarded, down syndrome, fucking noobshit, etc. Last edited by Typhox; at Beginners should play with bots and if they get builds wrong they deserve to be flamed.

How hard is it to look at the recommended builds in shop or just ask a teammate? Originally Posted by X10d3Ad. All times are GMT The time now is Dota 2 sorts its matchmaking into three general tiers, of which have subsets within them. So we've got "Normal", "High", and "Very High.

When I play matchmaking with a couple of my friends who are new to the game literally like 6 games played I barely have to try to stomp a mudhole in the enemy team. Likewise, I just played 4 games and all of the people we played against were not very good at all. You can come into this game new and not have to worry about getting stomped. I would totally be down to lead a Dota in-house class or something for GB. A big thing that is never covered in videos and guides are the details which is where the devil lives:.

Most new players have no idea how long a "standard match" lasts and rush. Nothing crushes new player's spirits like trying Crystal Maiden or Invoker because they look neat and end up flailing about for the entire match. Also there are tons and tons of people coming to Dota 2 who never touched Dota 1. As far as ES as a starting hero, thats just my personal opinion.


I don't think its that hard to realize that you make a wall with your fissure. But its just a personal thing, some people find initiation easy where as others finch support easy One concern I have regarding the game is the community. Are they really nasty in every game or is this something you would encounter every now and then? Well the problem doesn't lie with a new player not understanding how Fissure works. The problem is that does a new player really understand the mechanics of the game enough to know when he should be using a fissure and where. A new player could potentially ruin a lot of teamfights just because they decided a fissure would be good in a certain spot, and then unforseen circumstances arise.

Dota 2 - How To Win Solo Ranked Matches [ Gain MMR ]

A hero like Sven or Lich are much less damaging to the team if you fuck up their abilities. You lose a strong teamfight nuke or disable, but you don't actively harm your team for making a poor judgement. New players are going to make poor judgements, they don't have enough experience to make good judgements just yet.

It is better if their poor decisions makes less of a negative impact on their team it will also get them a little less flak from their hater teammates that they will inevitably have, as they are common in low skill brackets. Also I have to agree. In the next couple of months the time to get into the genre has never been better. Every patch we get more and more stuff being loaded into the tutorial and quest system, which seems like a very in-depth way to teach new players how to get started.

I am sure that tutorial will really help new players get on their feet.

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I think it should be pointed out there really are no newbie friendly hero, just some are less complex or do not require advanced understanding of game mechanics. Lich is still very hard and will take a very long time to play "right", as you start playing better players they will take advantage of you being slightly out position and make your ult very hard to land.

Also, pulling, stacking, warding, and baby sitting are all very difficult skills. That said, a carry like AM requires a high ability to last hit, knowledge of items in specific situations, and prioritization of enemies in team fights, things that are hard to even do poorly. I think you are exaggerating when you say you won't understand why people love the game for hours. Maybe, but it is just my personal belief that it takes time to get over the initial hump.

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Maybe to understand why people love the game is the wrong phase, maybe I should have said wrap your head around the complexity of the game and for things to click. The community isn't as bad as people like to make it seem. Yes you will run into a lot of really bad people, but you also will run into a lot of really nice people. The usual problem lies in the fact that a single game can last anywhere from If you have 1 new person on your team, they tend to be the weakest link and can cause the loss.

I'm just starting this game and these guides are quite useful. I went down the non-standard route and am learning with someone that most people don't touch, which is the Lone Druid. He's the only character that I have liked so far. It is very frustrating though that everyone I have played with has told me not to play Lone Druid because he is too hard or something like that yet I don't find him hard to play.

It can be very frustrating playing at the low level like I am right now. There are so many players at this level that constantly give the rest of the team crap while doing absolutely nothing themselves. I had a guy giving me crap for jungling with Lone Druid, which is something you kinda have to do with him as I read in a guide on him since you need to beef up the bear a bit before you can take on other players since the Druid himself is so weak.

I also had another guy give me crap for letting him die he kept fighting too close to towers, what did he expect? Is it weird that I find this game super relaxing to play? I usually play it after I am done playing SC2 for the day and it is so much lower stress and lower pressure than SC2 and it is kinda mesmerizing at times, like I go into a trance while playing it, especially when I am jungling. What builds are you currently using? He is a really fun hero, I love him. Most people are afraid of him because you need to effectively control both him and his bear. As far as jungling, you are better off with some of the others Drizzle mentioned.

Lone Druid is one of the strongest laning heros in the game, I would even say top 5. So jungling him is a big waste of his potential. Just grab an Orb of Venom on the bear early on and no one will touch you. Can get free farm and a Radiance on the bear by min then you just kite with druid and send your bear to kill everything. Honestly, it is all about enjoying the game. If you are enjoying him, then dive right in. The reason I suggest people to start with easier heros is because I have had a few friends start with heros like Night Stalker, Drow, Anti Mage Then after a few games they say the game isn't fun and quit playing.

There is a steam group, yes.

There is a Giant Bomb chat room ingame. Just because Lone Druid can jungle doesn't mean you should. He is pretty slow at it. He is way better off as a solo off-lane or safe-lane hero because his bear can do a lot of really fun tricks that people in your MMR have no clue how to stop and honestly in mine too. For example, try and practice the creep spawn timings.

When the creeps are going past the enemy T1 tower you should have your bear there to pull them out of the lane and all the way back to where you are safely at your tower. You can also use the bear to harass enemy heroes because the bear doesn't draw aggro from creeps. Basically, Lone Druid is a great suicide laner because he practically has a melee hero lanemate. I would rack up Lone Druid among the "Can but shouldn't always" jungle heroes. It just seems really unfriendly to noobs and I'm not talking about the community. Again, I know almost all of these would piss off hardcore DOTA2 players, but I really think they'd help make the game appeal to more people and even the playing field so new players don't suck quite so much.

I know Guardians of Middle Earth does some of the above, so maybe that's just the game people should start with. I think that would be fine in its own game. That is what League of Legends did and they are very successful at it. They they made things like here is a "Tank" a "AP Carry a "Jungler" then set specific roles for the meta game based on map layout.

But all of these things are a massive part of Dota, removing them is teaching players a fully different game. A functional tutorial should be able to initiate those new to the game into how it works. The best way to learn all this stuff is trial by fire, dive right in and learn it as you play. You sir have no balls. You have never experienced any pointless internet rage in a game before? You sir are wrong. Yea, I lose a lot of games If you pick up StarCraft 2 and just start playing online you will lose a lot and probably not have much fun. If you pick up DOTA 2 and just start playing online you will probably be playing shit players and have shitty team mates. But you can be carried.

dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners
dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners
dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners
dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners
dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners
dota 2 matchmaking for beginners Dota 2 matchmaking for beginners

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