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Please note we only scan you for long enough to achieve the purpose of the scan.

Some Great Reasons to Choose Ultrasound Direct Poole:

This is to protect both mother and baby in accordance with guidance issued to the NHS. Our scans last between minutes depending on the package purchased, although you will be with us between minutes.

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Ultrasound scans in Poole

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Private Baby Scans From £55 - Well-being, Gender Scans & 4D Scans

Viability scan Sholing, specialist scan Sholing, private aby scan Sholing, early pregnancy ultrasound Sholing, private pregnancy scan Sholing, internal scan Sholing, previous ectopic scan Sholing, previous miscarriage scan Sholing, pregnancy symptoms scan Sholing, 6 week scan Sholing, 7 week scan Sholing, 8 week scan Sholing, 9 week scan Sholing, 10 week scan Sholing, 11 week scan Sholing, 12 week scan Sholing, Early baby scan Swaythling, early scan Swaythling, early pregnancy scan Swaythling, dating scan Swaythling, reassurance scan Swaythling.

I know mine was great.


I ended up having help off three of them. One was like my mum and she helped me a lot tbh, gave me the advice that my mum did, but ewith a hug too - my mum lives away from me. I think i will just do that.

Ante-natal Scans

I haven't had any joy so far in finding anywhere. Just didn't want to bother them unnecessarily if you know what I mean.

I will call them. Hey I'm in Bournemouth- not had a private scan myself but would have thought Nuffield might as they're bupa and one near Charminster plus found this http: I decided to look further afield and came up with firstviewing and this one too http: Good luck with it. Please sign in or register to add your reply.

private dating scan bournemouth Private dating scan bournemouth
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Private dating scan bournemouth

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