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It only matters that it happened, and that you and your friend, for a simultaneous second, remembered why it was you loved playing games in the first place. While the campaign is rather bland in comparison to older Halos, the multiplayer shines brighter than ever and promises more fun than ever before — if you can live with the microtransactions. The saving grace of this game is multiplayer. Halo 5 is full of good decisions and fantastic multiplayer experiences, but in trying to catch up, it might have shown how far behind it really is.

Chaotic story campaign which ends with a cruel cliffhanger is rescued by a gameplay and great cooperation. Plus, a perfect multiplayer with an amazing Warzone mode prevents any possible disappointment. The narrative missteps and overly complicated lore intrude on what should have been another shining moment for Master Chief; while it sets up an intriguing future, the campaign is an unqualified disappointment. If your love for Halo falls strictly within the realm of multiplayer, then prepare yourself for a grand old time. Halo 5 has come through addressing a lot of the concerns that fans had leading up to its launch.

The online multiplayer is stable, delivers classic Halo multiplayer, and freshens it up all at the same time. The single player campaign is enjoyable enough for those looking for a classic FPS experience, but not all too bothered about a strong story.

Guardians deserves credit for taking chances and trying some new things. It would be safest and easiest to simply modify what has worked in the past and gloss it up and send it out, but modes like Warzone in multiplayer and the shift to a party structure in the campaign are chances that mostly work out well. Reach when I play the Halo 5 campaign. It feels like pastiche of earlier days that I hope Halo eventually returns to.

Halo 5's campaign will not be the groundbreaking adventure that sends players flocking to the Xbox One, but Warzone's sprawling battles twinned with the precision of Arena just might tempt competitive shooter fans to take the plunge. Work to be done for both and the Xbox One, then, but this is a formidable start. While the multiplayer components are the best since Halo 3, the campaign disappoints in a few key areas. It's still enjoyable and exciting on the whole, but it lacks the narrative concentration and the memorable gameplay scenarios to stand neck and neck with the best entries in the series.

Guardians still gets a massive recommendation from us for many reasons, though there's certainly room for Industries to improve and evolve the campaign formula next time around. Certainly not a bad Halo game, but one that succeeds despite its innovations, not because of them. With multiplayer the high point, Halo 5 is worthwhile, if not always truly convincing. With so much at stake, Halo 5 needed to be a new perfection of old triumphs, or a landscape-altering revolution.

In terms of its campaign it falls short of both of these ideals. Online, however, has taken more significant risks, of the sort that first convinced Apple and Microsoft to place bets on the series.

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Warzone, in particular, is a kind of bold design that we almost never see in expensive FPS game-making any more. In some ways, Halo 5 is the boldest Halo yet. The franchise's multiplayer is at its peak, with a mode I'm sure I'll return to several times over. But then there's the campaign, which introduces fluid new movement and open level design, yet can't tell a coherent story to match. There are signs of a phenomenal shooter here, but certain narrative aspects feel underdeveloped, holding the franchise's newest sequel back from true excellence. Halo 5 lacks something fresh and surprising, a breath of new life.

The campaign is interrupted in the wrong moment and the lack of split-screen is disappointing, but these cons are balanced out by addictive and satisfying multiplayer. The game is not without certain defects, but it's still worth recommending. Everything looks and plays spectacularly in Halo 5: Guardians, and it was so close to having the complete package for a first-person shooter. Unfortunately, the hype oversold and underdelivered when it came to story, and the non-shooting missions should have been scrapped until the team figured out a more creative way to entice player exploration in the middle of a shooter.

Guardians is an entertaining action adventure whose fate rests on whether the online mode works or not still to early to raise the green flag. Besides that, it's a really well made Halo game. The graphics are detailed, and the frame rate is smoother that ever. The campaign is solid enough, but lacks those memorable moments that defined the first couple of games in the series.

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Guardians is undoubtedly a game worthy of the Halo name. Its campaign opens an interesting new page in the Halo saga and its gameplay is, as always, on point. The game also benefits from the addition of the Warzone mode, a fun new twist on the classic Halo multiplayer experience. There will certainly be some players who find that the specific omissions in Halo 5 are extremely disappointing, and you'll see a rough edge or two, but all in all there's a fantastic big-budget shooter in Halo 5 with lots to see and enough multiplayer options to keep you going for quite some time. Guardians is a fine-tuned machine.

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It has a robust and highly addictive competitive multiplayer component, a large variety of aesthetically pleasing customizations and some of the tightest controls to ever grace a Halo title. Unfortunately, the campaign leaves much to be desired. The campaign mode hits some great highs over its somewhat short mission span, but also occasionally suffers from a lack of variety, and some boss fights that feel disappointingly one-note.

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Guardians' strength is found in its PvP. Arena and Warzone offer two distinctly different flavors of action, and both are solid, very well designed, and a lot of fun to play. Ultimately, campaign is a good way to ease you into the game - but it's the PvP that delivers the best of what this game has to offer.

Halo 5: Guardians

What Halo fans should worry about is that Halo 5 drops best practice when it comes to gradually increasing campaign difficulty and replaces them with a formula that counts the number of mini bosses already defeated and respawns them all plus one more boss every few levels. Halo 5 Guardians is a great new installment in this massive series. The game mixes old and new elements resulting in an awesome gaming experience. However, the lack of couch co-op makes it less fun, and our iconic hero Master Chief seems to be a background character.

Thankfully the improved gameplay and consistently great multiplayer shine in Halo's uneven debut on the Xbox One. The multiplayer is fantastic, and the co-op is magical. The latest Halo is a big deal only for hardcore Halo fans. For me the single player campaign was unbearably pompous and despite p and 60 fps the visuals are not as breathtaking as they once were in Halo 4. Game World Navigator Magazine. The novelty of poring ourselves as players into the emotionally blank space where a person ought to be in these games may no longer be working.

Halo 5 has a run-of-the-mill campaign that isn't as interesting or exciting as the one from Halo 4. Of course, that doesn't make the game weak - you can play with pleasure and impatiently wait for the final chapter of the new trilogy. But Guardians shines in a different aspect: The ultimate irony here is that what gets our species in trouble in the campaign's narrative is ultimately the kind of needless combat that the game excels at. I think die-hard Halo fans will love Halo 5: The rest of us might find ourselves a little lost, a bit let down and wistful for an old horizon that once reached for the heavens.

If it weren't for Warzone, Halo 5: Guardians would probably be somewhere on the lower end of the franchise's spectrum for me.


It's still a fantastic and well-oiled machine, but the story falls flat, and the shift in gameplay mechanics result in the loss of some elements that made the series so unique in the first place. Still, if you're looking to shoot some dudes online, Guardians is your huckleberry.

Warzone is a really enjoyable experience, and while combat is still mostly about tossing grenades and hitting the melee button, the whole Requisition gimmick adds some much-needed flavor to proceedings. Guardians exists only because it had to. For the most part, Bungie achieved this lofty balance with its Halo games, but after an impressive first shot at the sci-fi series with Halo 4, Industries has fumbled with one of the most important parts of a Halo experience: Guardians features an underwhelming, confusing and surprisingly banal campaign that's not actively bad, but equally not quite good enough to warrant a purchase on its own.

Guardians makes them look like one-hit wonders.

Currently, there's still a lot of Halo 5 to love—and just about as much to raise our eyebrows at—but the multiplayer is the winner here. Hard Mods allow a console to run illegally downloaded games; they can also allow players to hack into a downloadable map and alter their properties and tags ; hard mods allowed players to mod Halo 2 maps almost as well as they could in Halo Custom Edition. The most common form of hard mod is the mod chip: Bungie has resolved the Hard Mod issue by removing certain maps from matchmaking, and permanently banning any players detected.

Console modifications can result in a console ban.

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Hard mods allow players to:. Bridging allows players to connect two different packet-switched network types on a single data link layer; this makes the bridging player the connection host for the match. The connection host of a game can disconnect other players, disconnect themselves, or in some cases destroy the connections of all players. The host can also use their Internet router and PC to monitor network connections and detect the IP addresses of other players. Also, if two players are on the same console, use same connection, they can bridge in the same manner.

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Rocket bouncing is usually used as a means to "jump" over invisible barriers on a map, and get outside of the playable area. This glitch-exploitation is usually used to gain a vantage point as a means to snipe enemy players and not have to worry about being shot back in the process as being outside of the playable area means that enemies cannot hit you.

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Halo 5 split screen matchmaking

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