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There are certain pivotal questions or answer selections that change your fate in the game, but a lot of it is filler, and you will have the same fate anyways. It's riffing on that hyper-masculine attitude "I don't care what this girl has to say, or who she is, I just want to fuck! So definitely don't take it personally!

This is about culture at large. I clarify that the work isn't personal, it is political. I told him not to take it personally, it's not about you. Yeah i made all the illustrations. Do human beings want to fuck everything?

Grand Theft Auto: how male avatars are 'virtually raping' women

If so, have we always been this way or are we becoming increasingly driven by sex? I don't want to speak for all human beings! I know some people are asexual. Within the game, "Fuck Everything" takes on a few different meanings.

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First, it is the goal of the game to have intercourse with anything the player can click on and second, it is a figure of speech that is a declaration of apathy and nihilism from a generation that has seen it all. It's a reference to growing up with weird shit all over the internet and goes back to the game's outcome — always dying. Dying is always the ending in life.

I think nihilism stems from being aware of this YOLO!

Grand Theft Auto video game: male avatars are 'virtually raping' women - Telegraph

Maybe there is an increased awareness of sexuality in this generation, from growing up with the internet, this huge digital porn culture, access to such a variation of content, forums and role-playing sites where we can experiment with our identities. I refer to Internet usage as an out-of-body experience, because online persona gives users the ability to be judged by the quality of their soul, rather than their physical body. I believe that this has the potential to contribute to an understanding of gender as a social construction, where the physical body and irrefutable indications of gender biological build and genitalia are regarded as irrelevant or even obsolete.

For more information on Lena and her work, visit her Universal Hacktress site , or get her on Twitter. If you missed the link at the top, play "Fuck Everything" here. Then you roll d10,, to find out if she's going to have quintuplets. The character sheet is eleven pages long. There are 20 sub-abilities including "Enunciation" and "Spatial Intelligence"; also note that by this point in chargen you have already rolled your 2d10 eighty times , which determine 5 ability scores. On the second page of the character sheet are the following essential measurements: These measurements are essential , because during combat your roll may cause you to accidentally start raping your opponent, and how many hitpoints they lose depends on the mismatch between the circumference of your appendage and their orifice.

In case you missed some of that: THEN you have to roll for other things like your height and weight and then calculate your BMI based on those , most and least attractive features, hair color, skin color, visual acuity, age which also acts as a modifier for all those abilities and sub-abilities, forcing you to go back and change all those stats again , a check to see if your Intelligence score is low enough to qualify for " Retard Strength " bonuses, birthday, social class, birthplace, number of siblings, and marital status.

In other words, roll randomly for just about everything that any other game system would allow the player to choose for themselves, in the unlikely event that they desperately needed to know the precise size of your foot.

Yes, pissing is a skill. Yes, you can fail your rolls to piss , which as you could see in the last section are far more complex than they could possibly need to be.

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A character's body has seventeen hit-locations , each with independent hit-point totals, each with their own armour equipment slots, and each of the seventeen pieces of armour have four different types of damage resistance brawling, hacking, pounding and stabbing. Magical items range from the mostly useless, to the suicidally dangerous, to the completely insane. Here's a list of notable ones.

Fuck Everything: the dating sim that tackles rape culture

The magic system is split into ceremonial magic which is situational at best and often utterly useless for doing anything you might actually need and chaos magic which requires you to perform a ritual that requires a roll on a large-ass syllable chart in case it requires a chant to perform, some random ingredients you might not even be able to acquire, and can take days to perform the required ritual.

An example of a few spells follows; italicized spell names are ceremonial magic, and everything else is chaos magic:. And then there are the miscast tables, which have a variety of notably bizarre effects, including but certainly not limited to:. Classes are no less peculiar- they range from the standard fare of Warriors, Mages, and the like to things which no sane person would play such as Delousers, Inkmakers, and of course Whores.

Every class earns AP the equivalent of experience points in different ways, and in some cases it is earned so slowly that a character or even their player can die of old age before they even reach level 2. A completely original and not at all derivative set of alignments.

Yes, this actually happened. Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: Prepare to be purged.

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