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Whereas my previous idea of romance was receiving a cup of tea without asking, the French are much more forward and are famed for their skills at beautifully crafted declarations of love, vast bouquets, moonlight walks and spontaneous romantic evenings. Do be aware of the rumors: Of course, this characteristic is by no means applicable to every French man, but both sexes have confessed that because of their suspicions that their partner has cheated or will cheat, there can be a scramble to do so first. This domestic ineptness originates in the home: So cooking something more advanced than spaghetti with ketchup and mayonnaise may be a little beyond them.

Top ten tips: How to date a Frenchman The Local

French men like to talk. They particularly like to instruct whoever is listening on areas in which they believe they can exercise expertise: Do we meet sexy French men on every corner? Do devilishly handsome men approach us in the park? Is love really all around?

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Cultural differences and different rules can make dating a little complicated in the capital of romance. But take it from someone who knows, there is someone out there for you. Now ladies, there are plenty of fish in the sea in Paris, you just have to know where to catch one. Check out our recommendations below. This restaurant offers a unique dining experience in a comfy setting to help break the ice. My two favourite informal restaurants include Candelaria and Blend.

Candelaria is a small Mexican restaurant in the third arrondissement where the lack of space and maybe the strength of the frozen margaritas means that you naturally get to know your neighbour. There is even a small speakeasy hidden at the back of the restaurant behind a white, unmarked door. Blend is a burger joint with four restaurants in the city; my personal favourite and coziest being the one in the second arrondissement.

Mothers and grandmothers are on the receiving end of a lot of affection, so be ready to melt at the way he shows love for both you and his family.

Franco Files: The Dos and Don’ts of Dating French Men

A sexy accent is a major bonus when living in any foreign country and the French are no different. The way they let multiple z sounds roll off their tongue when they speak English can turn any mundane phrase into a line of poetry.

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So when you have an actual romantic interest in said person, it melts you on the spot like a warm, gooey chocolate fondant. But beware that this gives your Frenchman a colossal advantage over you in English. And we can't forget the actual French language itself. You know, the one that's nicknamed the language of love.


The French can be chatting about how to efficiently clean a toilet and the singsong way they link words together sounds like an excerpt from a musical. So when your French boyfriend is actually whispering sweet romantic nothings in your ear, while engaging in some serious PDA… ladies you've lost the good fight without even realizing it. They're just so… cultured and stuff. France won the location jackpot when it comes to traveling. With numerous high-speed trains and low cost airline options, quick weekend visits to these countries are a real possibility. This means that many of the Frenchmen you are going to meet have at least spent some time hitting the beach in Spain or throwing back pints in Germany.

French Men & French People Stereotypes: French React

Traveling tends to make someone more cultured, more understanding of diversity and more aware of the world outside the bubble they live in. It's so refreshing to date someone who can recognize the positive sides of France, like universal healthcare, and then can easily talk about how inefficient their administration system is. This ability to be self-aware due to travel experiences rubs off on you and challenges you to do the same thing about your own situation. With Erasmus being the cool thing to do and a year abroad being mandatory in many universities in France, it's no surprise to stumble upon a Frenchie who's spent a decent chunk of time abroad.

They can totally relate to how fun it is to immerse yourself in a new country with a different language, culture and history, but also how challenging it can be too. They'll be your biggest critic when you're feeling down, but also your biggest champion while you manoeuver all the cultural shocks of living abroad. The French adore a no-effort, natural look. Some tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara and a splash of blush and most French women are out the door. We have never heard a Frenchman criticize a women for not putting in enough effort, but we have for sure heard some zingers for putting in too much.

We both work for a multinational beauty company, so we strongly believe that makeup is a form of expression and you should feel free to do yourself up in anyway you see fit. But what's so great about dating a Frenchman is the genuine way he tells you that you look absolutely perfect without any makeup on. His love for your natural face is a great confidence booster and reminds you that putting on make up is not something you do for him, but for you.

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  • He's just as happy with your 8 am look as he is with your 8 pm one. France is a hardcore time-flexible culture meaning everyone is usually 15 to 20 minutes later than the planned meet up time. A dinner invitation that is extended for 7: If you're still running a brush through your hair and spritzing on that last dash of perfume at 7: Any Frenchman who has grown up with a mother, sisters or cousins will be completely immune to running behind schedule, which allows you to finish up those last minute details in complete serenity.

    Student or not, pull out that notepad. We couldn't write this article without including the constant learning curve that every bi-cultural couple goes through.

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    When you start dating someone from a different cultural background with different values, education and traditions, the constant discovery of new things is endless. This can sometimes be challenging and really call into question sensitive topics around your morals and your way of doing things.

    But often new discoveries are as light and charming as learning that tiny pasta noodles with ham and parmesan cheese is the comfort food of all French children turned man-children. You have such different references for everything from classic movies to holiday traditions that the teaching, explaining and blending of two cultures in one home is a constant undertaking that is simply fascinating.

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